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At The Clarksville Country Club

You’ll be proud to call Clarksville Country Club your “Home Away from Home”! A place to connect with family and friends, network with new groups and create long-lasting memories. We offer ample opportunities for socializing amidst the natural beauty of our golf course. Whether you enjoy cocktails and delicious dining, toning those abs at the Fitness center, or testing your golf and tennis skills,you will find an activity and amenity that will complement your recreational and social lifestyle.

One of the many privileges members of the Clarksville Country Club are able to enjoy is dining with friends, family, and co-workers at the Club. Each meal spent with us is an opportunity for our members and guests to treat themselves to a variety of impressive cuisines and desserts.

Pbody’s at The Clarksville Country Club

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…well actually it wasn’t that far away just over on riverside, Angie and I started out just like any other cook and server. We couldn’t stand each other (sometimes I think she still feels that way). Soon after we fell in love, and eventually started our own family raising three daughters: Danielle, Ashley, and Rebecca. All while working countless hours and opposite shifts. Then in 2009 I took a position with KBR serving our soldiers in Iraq. During this time, the dream of Pbody’s came to me. After coming back home for good my plan truly began to developed. Today Angie and I have partnered with the Clarksville Country Club to make that dream a reality. Angie has an incredible dedication to serve, and I have strong passion for food. I didn’t get this hot body from just working out. We are here to create the feel of dinner with loved ones, you are not just a costumer to Pbody’s you are family. Family has always been important to us, it is what has made Pbody’s the way it is today. Just like my granddaddy Everett told me “if hard work would kill you, I’d been dead long ago” and he lived to be 93. Our families lived through the depression, wars, and some of the hardest times but they have always taught us how to work hard, love, and take care of family. The hardest working woman I ever met was Angie’s mother, Dessie. One day she had me help her on a wood truck and I just couldn’t wait to get back to the restaurant. I knew where I belonged. So when you come in we want you to leave the worries of the world outside, sit with our family, and just how Mammy would say “whata ya have”.