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CCC 2021 Golf Course Renovation – Update 2

The CCC golf course renovation continues, with significant objectives accomplished this week. The third and final application of chemicals to kill our bent grass was applied, and your project team transitioned to greens preparation for TifEagle sprigging. Deep core aerification, multiple iterations of verticutting, and limited shaping on our most severely sloped greens. In addition, we cut and removed the latitude grass around the edges of all greens. This initiative will assist with limiting encroachment of our existing latitude grass into the TifEagle post grow in. Soil samples were taken and submitted to an analysis lab in Nashville— the results will dictate the amount of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, copper, iron, manganese, zinc, sodium, and nitrate nitrogen that we will need to apply prior to sprigging. Historically, our turf has sustained very good levels of phosphorus, calcium, iron, and zinc.

Green Shaping

Holes three, six, and nine have been modified. We are confident the adjustments will increase the number of available pin placement locations on each green. The most significant change was on number three. It is now a two–tiered green, with a deceiving false front.

Irrigation Upgrades

This effort continues, and will remain our highest priority throughout the TifEagle grown in. Our irrigation system remains our highest risk, with progress being made to repair inoperable water heads, irrigation lines, and automation control of each zone. All repairs, and full system upgrade will not be completed during this project but will remain a priority project over the next 24 months. We are on schedule to complete the repair of all green side systems to ensure we can support the TifEagle watering cycles.
  • Front Nine Drainage Mitigation
    Our initial repairs were tested with this week’s heavy rainfall. We achieved success as drainage on holes number five and six drastically improved. The front nine will receive heavy bulldozer work next week to complete our objectives on the front nine holes.
  • Heavy Tree Trimming and Tree Removal

    We understand that some of our members are concerned with the number of trees we are removing from the course. We are sensitive to those concerns; however, we must reduce the cost of labor, support equipment and material as these costs are directly tied to member fees.

    The USGA released an excellent article “Five Things Every Golfer Should Know About Trees on The Course”. It is a short read, and I would encourage all to review it as it fully captures the intent behind our objectives: We are removing trees that limit play from all areas of our existing T boxes; enable grass growth in those areas we have roots, and rocks; and mitigate the significant cost of labor to clean-up fallen branches after every storm.

  • Golf Course Closure

    Unfortunately, the golf course will be closed next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (August 3-5). Sprigging, and heavy equipment will be operating across all 18 holes. The driving range and short game areas will remain open.

    The Project Team