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CCC 2021 Golf Course Renovation – Update 1

The CCC renovation was initiated this past Wednesday, 14 July, with the first chemical application to kill our existing bent grass greens. The greens are beginning to turn brown, and the second application is scheduled for this Wednesday, 21 July. Dry weather and very low winds is required to ensure a precise application to avoid damage to the shoulders of the existing greens.
The following is a summary of this week’s activities:
All greens were inspected to identify areas that require minor reshaping to prevent pooling of water on the surface. As many of you know, we have several greens that have presented these challenges over the years. Our team utilized sod cutters to remove healthy grass—modified greens, shoulders and replaced the sod. Pictured here, our #1 green was adjusted on the back left, and front right side.

All dead, or decaying trees were removed and a large majority of trees on the front nine were trimmed. Primary intent behind this effort was to clean up all areas that come into play during a round of golf, and ensure sufficient sunlight to those areas we struggle to grow grass in.

Pictured here, the tree on the right side of the #1 fairway received an aggressive trim. Men and women, who play from the #5 T-box will appreciate the adjustment, as you will be able to shape a shot from left to right without the challenge of hitting the low hanging tree limbs.

The highest risk with this project, and our ability to rapidly grow Bermuda grass, is our dated irrigation system. We recently replaced our primary pump which is located within the Red River in anticipation of this project. The pump keeps our retention pond located beside the # 14 fairway full and provides water throughout the course. This week we initiated a comprehensive inspection and repair of all sprinkler heads. Frequent and consistent application of water is essential for the TifEagle grass grow. This effort will continue over the next several weeks.

The project team would like to thank our corporate sponsors and members of the CCC who volunteered to support our efforts this past week. Without the specialized equipment and additional labor augmentation—we would likely be behind schedule.
Although temporary greens and limited play are not optimum—it was encouraging to see the number of members playing the course, practicing their short games and taking lessons. We have established a project completion target date of 1 October, 2021.
The Project Team