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Aerification Update/Course Closure

On Monday, 3/16 we were able to finish aerification and the cleanup of material on the front 9 and both putting greens. We were also able to get amendments down and somewhat brushed in as the rain began to fall. Any moisture halted our progress because it would be a mess to continue. Basically, we were unable to roll the greens and set a new pin. The perfect situation would be to wait for conditions to dry and assess what is needed to finalize the process on the front 9. As of this morning, 3/17, we have received over .5” of rain on an already saturated ground. If the rain stops, I will aerify the back 9 greens; but we will not be able to haul the material anywhere without damaging the course.

In conclusion, the course will be closed today, 3/17. There is a possibility that the course could be closed tomorrow, 3/18 depending on weather conditions and our ability to finish this process. I will not postpone the back 9 because the future outlook does not look much better and we would not want the two sides healing at a different pace; creating inconsistency. I will do my best to keep you posted with as much information as I can, moving forward. As always, I appreciate your patience and support.

Also, the driving range will close today at 04:00 P.M. due to weather conditions.

Best Regards,
Justin Browning
Golf Course Superintendent
Clarksville Country Club