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Men’s Golf Association News

At The Clarksville Country Club

Upcoming Maintenance

October 17, 2018

Dear Members,
I hope everyone is having a great day now that we finally get to see the sun.  I do realize that this information is in short notice, but there are a lot of instances I must move in a reactive fashion.  Due to the amount of rain we have received and the rain we are set to receive at some point Friday, I have a window to do some much-needed extra work on our greens.  I will be sending out the vertical mowers after we mow tomorrow morning.  If I am able, I will double-verticut and top-dress all greens.  I will put enough sand down, that I will have to brush it in afterwards.  After brushing I will roll the greens and change the cups.  This process should take up most of the morning and a little time after lunch.  This process will remove thatch, thin the canopy, and also help break up some of the algae that is a result of our recent weather conditions.   The greens will be in good shape for the MGA event that will take place tomorrow evening.
Friday morning, I will roll again and see if we need to do any more dragging of the sand.   I will be putting down a granular fertilizer before the rain.  I will also take the time Friday morning to get some new seed on number 1 green.  At that time, I will decide how much of that green to rope off, so we have the best chance for the seed to germinate.  I apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you all for your support and cooperation.
Best Regards,
Justin Browning,
Golf Course Superintendent
Clarksville Country Club