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Course Updates

At The Clarksville Country Club

Spring Aerification

March 9, 2021

Dear Members,

As much as I would have loved to core aerify along with the deep drill process, it was just not in the cards for us.  With wet conditions and a steadily rising Red River, there was just no way to guarantee a proper clean up.  This is why we always set up a secondary date to be safe.  The date we picked for Plan B is a week from today, March 15th.  

That morning we will close down the putting greens and front 9 to complete that process.  We plan to finish the front 9 and have it playable for Tuesday morning.  Tuesday morning will also be the day that we close the back 9 and complete the same process. 

If everything goes perfectly, we hope to be done in two days, but I always like to include Wednesday just in case we run into some sort of snag.  Of course this process is always affected by the weather, so we hope to have conditions that are favorable for every step of this process.  If not, we will do our best to get done in a safe and timely fashion as the weather allows us to.

In closing, we hope the greens can be very close to 100% by the time that the Spring Fling comes around.  Having close to 5 weeks for healing, I do not see that being a problem.  As always, the golf course maintenance crew and I greatly appreciate your support and patience during this necessary agronomic practice.

Best Regards,
Justin Browning
Golf Course Superintendent 
Clarksville Country Club

Clarksville Country Club