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From the Greens

Dear Members,

As 2019 begins, there is plenty going on at Clarksville Country Club to be excited about.  So much, I am now just getting to the point that I can sit and reflect on 2018.  There is a lot going on up around the Clubhouse.  The groundbreaking of the Golf Course Villas may be the most obvious.  On the driving range tee we are very close to wrapping up a project that will give members a permanent hitting area.  This artificial turf matt will be a place to hit range balls when the tee is too wet in the summer and when the turf is dormant in the winter.  It will also be beneficial to have players hit from here during bigger events that have beaten up the tee in the past.   After a tough winter, we soon found out that we were going to have to replace a vast area of our fringes.  I am thankful for the extra help that I had in purchasing the new sod and getting it put where we needed to be.  Looking at these areas now, I feel confident in their emergence come spring-time.  The choices we have made with the new Bermuda grass and a mild winter so far have proven to be beneficial.

Even though we had more rain in 2018, over 10 inches more; we experienced less damage than the prior year.  The pain of our bentgrass was felt below the surface because the lack of a full spring and fall.  The roots just never had a chance to get to a great point of health.   I feel, barring any bad weather events, that we can continue to improve our success on the greens every summer as the crew gets more and more comfortable with times of stress management. 

Up to this point, winter has not quite felt like winter.  It has been more wet than cold.  I feel like we have been cart path only for 2 months.  We have had enough dry weather to get a lot of smaller trees cut down that were more in the way than anything.  I have also focused a lot of time pruning the trees on holes 4-7 as high as I can to introduce more sunlight to these areas and making the holes look better over-all.  The crew has done a great job establishing some new pine-straw beds on the course by edging a distinct outline and covering all roots and rock with topsoil.  There are several areas that we would like to touch up in that manner.   We will continue pruning and disposing of trees that need to be gone as weather permits.  Lastly, I have broken ground on a new nursery in the field right of #16 green.  It should be a great spot because the greens on that hill seem to stay in good shape.  If weather cooperates, I should be able to have it ready before aerification.

In closing, I think that we do have a few cold spells coming our way and that we are not out of the woods yet; but I cannot help but think about warmer spring weather and a beautiful green golf course.  Clarksville Country Club will be an exciting place to play in 2019.  Finally, my crew and I are always thankful for the membership’s continued support and patience as we do our best to make our golf course better.

Best Regards,
Justin Browning
Golf Course Superintendent