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At The Clarksville Country Club

Build Your Own Pasta Night

October 16, 2018

$20 All You can Eat

All Entrees Served with CC Garden Salad or Caesar Salad and Rustic Garlic Bread Sticks
Choose your Pasta:
Penne • Spaghetti • Elbow Macaroni • Linguini • Mushroom Ravioli • Spinach Fettuccini
Choose Your Sauce:
Classic Marinara • Bolognaise • Alfredo • Creamy Cheddar • Blush • Herb Pesto • Olive Oil with Lemon
Choose Your Vegetables (up to three per dish):
Fresh Spinach • Red & Green Bell Peppers • Roma Tomatoes • Portobello Mushrooms •
Sweet Green Peas • Broccoli • Yellow Squash • Zucchini • Vidalia Onions • Black Olives
Marinated Artichokes • Jalapenos • Tuscan Kale • Capers • Roasted Garlic
Choose Your Protein (one/two per dish):
Grilled ChickenBreaded ChickenGrilled SteakTender PorkSavory MeatballsItalian Sausage Sweet Gulf ShrimpSea ScallopsP.E.I. Mussels4oz SalmonBlue CrabAnchovy Filet
Just Tell Us How You Like It!!!