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At The Clarksville Country Club

2019 Clarksville Country Club Announcement

December 19, 2018

We would like to take this opportunity to provide an update on recent activities, current club enhancements, and near-term capital improvements and initiatives.

First and foremost, we have entered into an agreement with Nicoletta’s Catering to open their restaurant within the Clarksville Country Club. This transition will be implemented with an effective date of January 1, 2019. A joint press release to the public is forthcoming. On February 1, 2019, dining will be open to the public. As most of you are aware, we have struggled for years to provide an exceptional dining experience to our members and guests while simultaneously covering the cost of Food & Beverage (F&B) operations. Our leadership, the front office and especially, Chef Craig Woods, and his staff have made tremendous progress; however, sales revenue continues to fall well short of our cost of operations.

Nicoletta’s has catered numerous parties, events, weddings, and business luncheons throughout the Clarksville community and his reputation for high quality food and service is widely known throughout Clarksville and the surrounding areas. They currently have over 6,300 followers on social media. We are confident that Nicoletta’s will be successful and enhance the service provided to our members and guests. All facilities will continue to be available to our members, but the Terrace Room and Patio will transition into our “Members Only” dining area. In addition, club members will be extended a 10 percent discount on all restaurant food and beverage purchases. More details will follow as we work through the transition planning.

 Golf Course ImprovementsSignificant improvements were made to our course in 2018, and several enhancements are scheduled during the winter months as we transition into 2019. We removed and re-placed the collars on every green, removed the aging fence line on hole #4, and repaired several areas throughout the course that were identified as safety concerns. We are currently in the process of removing additional trees to improve play from all T-boxes and enhance the appearance of the course. We are excited to announce that Phase II of our driving range improvement plan will be complete this January. We have selected Southwest Greens as our new artificial turf for the driving range. Two hitting lanes will be installed within the far back portion of the driving range. This improvement will enhance the appearance of the range, and protect our grass. “Members Only” hitting areas will be designated within this area, and practice from our regular turf will only be available to our members. We would like to express our special thanks to our Pro—Jeff Vaughn, Billy Bob Burks, Todd Morris and Jeff Burkhart—for their expertise, time, and investment in this project. Without them, this project would not be completed this year. 

Facility Support Equipment Upgrades – Earlier this year, we leased a new electric beverage cart that allows traveling the course to serve our golfing members more efficiently. In December, we procured an additional fifteen 2019 Yamaha golf carts. These electric carts are very nice, and will be available in the spring. They come equipped with dual sand bottles, ClubPro bag protector, polycarbonate hinged windshield, and USB charging ports. At this time, we have one on-hand. Stop by the pro-shop if you would like to see it. The Yamaha carts will replace the gas carts we leased a few years back. We intend to keep a few of the gas carts for grounds support.   
Upgrade to our maintenance support fleet continues with the recent procurement of two Jacobsen Eclipse 322 hybrid triplex mowers. These mowers will expedite mowing and enhance the consistency of roll on our greens. 

 CCC Golf Villas-Breaking Ground – We are excited to announce the start of construction on the CCC Villas. We begin construction of the first set in January 2019. They will be built in the vicinity of the #3 T-boxes, with views down the fairway. These 2400 sq. ft. villas will be two story, featuring open floor plans, two car garages, and basement golf cart storage areas. Owners will be required to be members of the CCC, with an active Home Owners Association (HOA) to ensure established standards and appearance are maintained. 

On behalf of the entire CCC Team, we thank you for your continued support as a member of the Clarksville Country Club and extend best wishes to you and your family throughout the holiday season.